UAV Software That Is Leading The Growth of the UAV Industry

63There are many types of software that are available in the market for managing and controlling your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The following are some of the most commonly used software for controlling UAVs.

UAV Control

· Airware: This forms a link between the autopilots of the drones that were used in military and those being used by the RC hobbyists.

· APM: Copter: this software has made UAVs capable of a full range of flight and this can be used for advanced aerial photography. This is one of the most sophisticated software and has the capability of providing stability during photography.

· APM: Plane: this airplane gives all the full fledged aircraft the ability to be on full auto pilot. There is great support for numerous 3-D way points, automatic takeoff and landing and mission planning of the levels that are unmatched along with camera control.

· Open pilot: this is an autopilot that has been created by a community that belongs to a group of volunteers and is non-profit. This community is known as open pilot. This software is designed especially for the rotor system that contains more than one rotor. The only concern of the developers is to give to the client quality, safety and an easy to use UAV.

· Paparazzi: this hardware plus software combo is a great open source autopilot system that is aimed at being used for fixed wing aircraft and the UAVs. Since this is open source software anyone can add or make any kind of changes to suit their needs. It is because of the volunteers that this system is getting better day by day.

Ground Station

· Mission Planner: this software is for the ground station and has been created by Michael Oborne. There are various features that are the highlight of this software such as:

o The way point entry is point and click type and you can use Google maps for it.

o There are drop down menus that can be used to select the commands for the mission.

o There is also the provision of downloading the log files for the mission

o The software allows you to configure the AM settings for the UAV.

Image Processing

· Airphoto SE: this software is useful for the UAVs used for the aerial photography and gives a great picture due to all the features present that are necessary for the rectification of the oblique aerial imagery with the geo referenced output. The best part is that it allows for good quality large picture as there are four processors for multithreading that can work on the different parts f the same large photo and all at the same time. The various distortion factors can be controlled in this software. This can be used both by the beginners and the experts in this field. You can even combine your photos with maps, orthophotos or the pictures from satellite.

· Fiji: this is software package that is aimed at image processing. There is use of Java, Java3D and many plugins for menu structure that is coherent in nature for the distribution of image J.

· Image J: this is a program that is aimed at image processing and is available on the public domain. The main feature of this software is that it can display, edit as well as analyze, process and save the print in 8-bit, 16-bit as well as 32-bit. If you want to know about the area and the value of the pixels in the selected area then this software is capable of doing that too.

· Kolor Utopani Giga: this image stitching application of Kolor is considered to be the most advanced one. This is best one to click panoramic images efficiently. The ease of use is also a quality to be mentioned here.

· Mapknitter: this software that is available as free and open source too is majorly effective when it comes to mapping the image. This means that you will be able to locate the place on the map where the photo must be placed.

· Correlator 3D is a patented software by SimActive. It carries out aerial triangulation and is capable of producing dense digital surface models, orthomosiacs as well as vectorized 3D features.

· Imagine Photogrammetry: this has integrated software programs and thus gives best quality strong photogrammetry, GIS, image processing as well as point cloud tools.

· Inpho UASMaster: when your UAS collects the images this software creates the deliverables that match the picture quality and efforts. This has great photogrammetic workstation but is very easy to use.

· Menci Software APS: this photogrammetry software is a great tool for the processing of the large amounts of UAV data and also processing images. This has been tested and is powerful. The requirement of the GPS is a must for APS to handle ground facing data.

· Menci Software OPK Suite: the large format images can be easily processed by this software. This software can produce photogrammetic products from the images obtained from satellite. It is compatible with large cameras such as UltraCam, DMC, DIMAC or from the satellites such as GeoEye, Ikonos, Quckbird etc.

· Agisoft Photoscan: this software is capable of photogrammetry of the digital images as well as generating 3D spatial data. There are many features in this software such as

o Photogrammetric processing

o Dense point cloud: editing and classification

o Digital elevation model

o Georeferenced orthomosiac export

· CMPMVS: this multi-view reconstruction software is known for receiving a set of images in a perspective and the camera calibrations which aids in making a full scene. All the rigid images and items are covered.

· DroneMapper: when the UAV clicks two dimensional photos of the three dimensional landscape then this software offers geospatial mapping solutions. The image processing is both operator assisted as well as automatic one. The features include:

o High resolution digital elevation model

o Digital surface model

o Orthomosaic

o Point cloud creation from fixed wing, the one stop shop for all your UAV needs.


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3 Great Reasons To Upgrade Your Free CAD Software

62Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has long been a tool that various professionals have used to help them produce their best work. Replacing traditional hand drawn methods of drafting, 3D and 2D drafting software has made the process of putting new ideas and designs down in physical form a lot quicker and easier.

There are also other major benefits in that this means that editing is a lot easier than ever before, not to mention the ease of sharing of drafts with clients and colleagues around the world. For these reasons, CAD software remains widely used and very popular among engineers, architects, interior designers and many other professionals.

There are many premium CAD programs, but also many free and low-cost ones too. Although the premium software options are rightfully very valuable as they contain a vast variety of top features and functions, there are many excellent lower cost and free software options available too for those who need fewer features and are on a smaller budget.

Although there are several great free options of 3D and 2D drafting software on the market – most of them available to download online via a simple sign up form – there are several reasons why you might want to upgrade to a paid version of the product, which many of these free versions do have. Although you still will not be paying premium prices, there are often many great benefits to enjoy.

Firstly, one of the main advantages of upgrading your free software package is that you generally get a lot more tools to use in your drafting, ranging from creating your own dimension styles to being able to use pens with multiple thickness settings. All these enhanced drawing and editing tools can make a huge difference when it comes to completing your work to a high standard.

Many professionals will find that although tools included in a free software package are excellent and perfectly adequate, having more enhanced or advanced tools on hand can make the process of drafting and editing a great deal quicker. For this reason, upgrading your package could be an excellent idea.

Another reason many people decide to upgrade – and this is often an excellent reason for doing so – is that upgraded packages can often be more tailored to certain professions. This can include packages for architects, interior designers or civil engineers, and many more.

As with all 3D and 2D drafting software, certain tools, effects and editing options are designed to be more useful for certain professionals completing certain types of task. Although the basic software may be very similar, there are certain ways that it can be tailored to be more suited to each profession.

You will often find that CAD software developers will offer upgrades that are industry-specific versions of their free versions, which offers professionals the chance to invest in something more tailored to them. Furthermore, there is still no need to invest in a costly premium one-size-fits-all package by buying lower cost specialised software instead.

Finally, another advantage of many software upgrades is not only do you get to enjoy more enhanced features, but you also get to help from improved support. This can range from more detailed tutorials on how to use the product right through to a dedicated technical hotline, which can make the drafting process a whole lot easier.

These are just a few of the main reasons why upgrading your free 3D or 2D drafting software to a paid – and more advanced – package could be a great thing for you. From enhanced tools and options through to specialised versions of the product that suit your specific needs and profession, upgrading can be a very good idea indeed.

A Smartphone With an Advanced Software and Ergonomic Frame

61The HTC One Smartphone is a handheld innovation built to impress. With its amazing built-in software and Android Operating System, it promises top notch performance and advanced innovation.

The Smartphone has a bold, brushed metal design made of aluminum and plastic. It has an ergonomic wrap-around unibody frame curved to fit your hand and built to please your eyes. The Super LCD3 capacitive Touchscreen with 16m colors is protected by scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3. With its unique and innovative HTC Sense Technology, you can unlock your phone in a clean swipe and launch your camera by simply raising it to eye level. What’s more, you can silence your ringtone by flipping it over and answer or make phone calls with voice commands.

Performance is good as it offers power and speed with the quad-core Qualcomm MSM8974AB Snapdragon 801. You can organize your apps better by cutting through the clutter and saving time with the HTC Sense Apps Technology. Sync up your daily schedules by getting notifications, reminders and updates. Reading emails is made easy with instant notices, schedule reminders and on-screen alerts. With HTC BoomSound, turn up the volume and enjoy your favorite tunes with dynamic background effects, interactive lyric display and visual themes. With dual front facing stereo speakers, built-in amps, and Bass-to-Treble balancing Software, you can blast the volume that you usually get from an audio system.

The HTC One comes with a 4MP Duo Lens camera that lets you take bigger panoramic pictures with simple tilt controls and leveling line to help you capture the entire view. To get professional results, the UFocus technology with one-touch re-focus will remove blurry results and add breathtaking effects with one touch. The camera features UltraPixels twice the average size to capture over 300% more light to bring home the night.


Built with a quad-core Qualcomm MSM8974AB Snapdragon 801 Krait 400 2.3 GHz processor, it runs on Android’s v4.4.2, KitKat Operating System with HTC’s Sense 6.0 UI. The HTC One Smartphone features a 5.0 inch IPS LCD display Touchscreen with 1080 x 1920 resolution, Nano Sim, 2GB RAM Memory, 16/32GB internal storage, with microSD slot with upto 128 GB of expandable memory. It features 4 Megapixel UltraPixels rear-facing Auto Focus camera with dual LED flash and a solid 5 Megapixel front-facing camera unit with two lenses (Duo Camera). There is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC Connectivity, Google Drive (50 GB cloud storage), HTML 5 Browser, Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic, stereo speakers, built-in amplifiers, USB On-the-go, microUSB v2.0, Non-removable 2600mAh battery and talk time of up to 20 hours.

Affiliate Marketing Software

39Affiliate marketing software consists of the tools necessary to set up and continue to operate your online marketing business. You may already own many of the programs you need, or at least own an alternative that is equally suitable. Some other tools you require can be found or accessed through online services. In this article you will learn the key pieces of affiliate marketing software you will need before you begin running your affiliate business.

One of the more obvious pieces of affiliate marketing software you need is a suitable program to create your website. There are easy-to-use options available to install and run on your computer, but the most likely choice will be to use whatever your web hosting provider has to offer – the majority of web hosting companies include some form of website building software in their hosting packages. Perhaps the choice that offers you the most flexibility is to install WordPress through your web host and create anything from a single-page site to a complex blog that you can update and maintain with relative ease. You can also install any number of themes that enable you to customise the look of your website to suit your particular niche.

Affiliate marketing software also includes the necessary programs for creating and editing any content you choose to use for promoting a particular product. This can vary greatly, and include anything from word processing software to video recording and editing or voice capture programs.

Another piece of recommended affiliate marketing software is your email marketing solution, which is generally available through an online service provider. These programs enable you to build a subscriber list and subsequently send them relevant promotional offers that help boost sales commissions considerably. The most common choices for this are paid services such as AWeber and GetResponse, though there are also some free options available. It is important to remember you do get what you pay for, however, as many of these free solutions are not as reliable and do not offer the level of options for growth that a paid service does.

The decisions you make regarding your affiliate marketing software ultimately depend a lot on how you’ve decided to operate your affiliate business. You’ll have just about all you need if you’re able to set up a website and promote it in your chosen manner. The addition of an email marketing solution will further allow your business to remain profitable in the long-term.

Paid Computer Gigs Listed on Craigslist

38Are you and individual who is relatively familiar with computers and the internet? Whether you have formal training with both or just a passion, did you know that you can use Craigslist to make money? is a popular online classified service that allows internet users to posts gigs, including computer related ones. What type of paid projects are you likely to find?

Before focusing on what type of paid projects you can find on Craigslist, it is important to know how to find them. You have two approaches. Get started by selecting your state and city. You can then search or browse the website. To browse, just look for the “gigs,” section and click on the “computer,” link. To search, use the search box on the left hand side of the page. Use a relevant search phrase, such as computers.

Although you will find a wide range of paid computer projects on the website, a few common gigs include:

Computer repair. Both business owners and personal computer owners run into problems. They may have a Dell laptop that doesn’t power up on command or an HP desktop computer that just performs too slow. They don’t know what to do or where to turn to, so they make a posting on Craigslist. They are looking for people to help. If you have experience with computer repair, you can be that person and make money at the same time!

Software development or assistance. There are thousands of Americans who have good ideas for software programs, but most don’t know where to start. Developing an idea is easy, but turning that idea into an actual software program takes time and experience. If you are familiar with software development, you can get paid doing what you know and love. You can work as the main software developer and turn your client’s idea into reality. You can work as an assistant or an editor, only providing assistance when it is needed.

eCommerce help. Since many individuals want to work from home and be their own boss, more and more internet stores are popping up. You may find a mom who sells handmade kids toys who wants to sell online, but does not know how to create an eCommerce store or you may do work for established companies. Although it falls under the category of a computer gig, you are doing website development, graphic design, and more.

The three above mentioned computer gigs are just a few of the many that you will find on Many of these projects allow you to work from home. If you want to base your operations out of your home, look for more than just local jobs. You can download a Craigslist search tool to search multiple cities, entire states, or all of Craigslist at once. Find local and non-local computer gigs on Craigslist with ease.