Get Paid Selling Photos to Graphic Designers

You might think that you are not a top photographer, but if you take the right type of photographs, and the quality is good, then people will want to buy them.

Now you do need to remember that if you include people who can be recognized or a trademark which everybody will know then you have to have a release form signed by them. But think beyond the photos which have people in them. Try and imagine the headers and graphics used on niche sites, rather than money making sites.

It doesn’t take much imagination to think about diet and food sites, to know that photos of food products are in demand by webmasters. You will need to decide the type of foods you want to include in the photograph, and then set up the display of them.

The beauty of a digital camera is you will never take a bad shot. Now you might be thinking that isn’t true, but it is totally true and correct. You look at the shot you have taken, and then decide if it is a good or bad photograph. If it doesn’t come up to standard, then you either deleted it or decide not to save it. All you save are good photographs.

If you are using a camera with a film then you need to know that some photos will not come up to the standard for you to sell them. You might be able to make changes with photo enhancing software, but some people will not want to buy anything other than original photos.

You might know a graphic designer and it would be worth asking them where they get their photographs from. Ask them what type of photos do they really want and find impossible to get. What format and size works best for them? By asking these questions you will be able to package a great product which these people need. You should also consider selling a limited number of these photos which will give you a higher selling price.

If you take a lot of photos on vacation, and you go to little known holiday destinations, then you can also use these photos to make money online. Many people are designing travel websites, and having great photos of the location will be required by many people. Find a market which isn’t over saturated and you will find your perfect niche for selling photographs online.