Software Facilitating Online Paid Surveys Explained!

37The online paid surveys are comprised of software applications with database connectivity so as to capture the participant’s data and store it into the database for later analysis. These are web based and are concurrently used by many survey takers.

The number of surveys takers is actually decided by the market research firm that hosts the survey and the manufacturer of the product under survey. Some times, for one particular survey, 1000-1500 candidates from across the globe are hired.

For handling the survey data concurrently for a period of 10 to 15 days, the websites needs to be developed very carefully. So, the survey companies conduct the performance testing prior to the launch of the survey application. The testing of the software application comprising of the surveys questionnaire is done very rigorously as the best software development and testing practices. A well tested and certified application is widely recognized and earns the reputation for that survey company.

As the total solution for the surveys includes the user module, survey module, payment module and client’s module, the verification with respect of security factors is also conducted. The major portion of the survey sites includes the reporting system. A wide variety of the reports are expected from the survey companies, mainly by the clients. The reporting modules provide functionality of generate the reports from the stored survey data with the click of the button. The reports can be generated in Microsoft Word or PDF format. This carries the survey data and is helpful for presentation purposes. The output report can also be generated in the Microsoft Excel format for pictorial presentation of the user’s data.

The software system of the paid surveys website also provides the email links so that the reports can be sent immediately to the client. The enormous amount of flexibility of the survey software also helps in easy maintenance and time to time up gradation. The genuine surveys sites also schedule proper database backup so that the data can be immediately restored in case of any eventuality. The latest internet technology has enabled the use of rich media in the surveys sites so that the survey takers can have lot more enjoyable experiences while doing the survey work.