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Finding Parallels Between Software and Life

What Can You Get From A Benefit Statement Software? You might never know it but the cost of replacing a single employee from your organization is very large. You have to realize that there are factors like interview cost, training and separation pay that needs it be considered. In a study that has been done, an employee that is making $8 per hour will be needing a $3,500 cost in order to replace him. And this is only based on the lowest amount that an employee can make per hour. If you think that these figures are already high enough, well, experts say that they can get even higher. You will be finding employees that starting to retire as the years progress. And the generation that is entering the workforce is declining. Employers will now have a smaller group of people to choose from. This simply means that hiring the best can now be expensive. For you be able to understand the cause of turnovers, you must first know what cause you employees to look for other opportunities. The factors that played out why employees have been leaving their current positions have been carried out in a research. One of the most common reasons is that employees tend to look for better compensation and benefits. It would be very trying times if you as an employer do not have the extra budget to increase your employee’s benefits. Now you may be asking what is the next possible solution to this problem.
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If you do not have the extra budget to increase your employees benefits or increasing their salary, there is still a way to handle things. By making sure that you will provide an exact benefit statement, you might make them think twice of leaving the organization.
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You will be making the benefit statement that will look like your traditional pay slip. The statement that you will provide will have monetary value of the benefits that they can get. These benefits may include time off, free parking, free cell phone and much more. By using a benefit statement software, you may be able to do these things. It is when an employee does not see the exact numbers will they start thinking that they get lower than what they deserve. What the employees need to see are the exact numbers of what they are actually getting from the company and it is here that they will realize that they are actually getting more than what they are thinking. By making sure that your employees will see what they are actually getting from the company, they will then realize that it might be better to stay. It is through the benefits statement software that you will be able to change the perception your employees have with the company that they are currently working.

Runaki Introduces Shadow Spy Software


(Gurgaon, India)— India-based software company Runaki Technology announced the introduction of their Shadow Spy software. Designed to be used on a smartphone or tablet, the Shadow Spy application gives employers and parents the power to monitor their employees or underage children as they use a mobile device.

A representative of Shadow Spy commented, “Smartphones and tablets have opened up a whole new world of personal technology that allows people around the globe to connect instantly and on a very intimate level. While these advances in technology can provide more opportunity for business and personal growth, it has also presented dangers that were not previously present.”

The representative continued, “Now, parents have to worry about Teen Safe, child safety, while employers are raising concerns about lost productivity among their workforce. Our software aims to solve problems like this, putting parents and employers back in control.”

Shadow Spy is compatible with all Android devices running like Gingerbread or a newer operating system. Requiring only an internet connection for data transfer, the application works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the device being monitored. Shadow Spy runs in full stealth mode and is completely undetectable by the person using the device. All monitoring logs are updated instantly.

For those concerned about pricing, Shadow Spy offers several packages with a range of costs suitable to any parent’s or employer’s budget. The features of each package depend on the needs of the user, allowing them to choose the subscription length that’s right for them. All packages include the use of all of Shadow Spy’s Child monitoring, mobile spy, and Go Live features.

As the Shadow Spy representative went on to say, “Having access to applications that allow for parental control,employee monitoring, and mobile device logging is a must in the digital age in which we live. With the increased threat to safety and productivity comes an increased need to keep track of what employees and children are doing on their mobile devices. In turn, parents and employers will enjoy greater peace of mind as they go about their day.”

About Runaki:

Runaki Technology are the makers of Shadow Spy, a leading mobile application designed for monitoring employees or underage children on a smartphone or tablet. The application runs in stealth mode and silently monitors device activities, including but not limited to call history logs, text messages tracking, GPS location tracking, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chat monitoring, key stroke logging, notification logging and more.


How I Became An Expert on Spreadsheets

Benefits in Using Google Documents Google Docs is one of the many products that Google is offering to the public for absolutely free. Google Docs is said to replace three programs which are Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, thereby making it a 3-in-1 offer. Those who have those three programs mentioned may still like to use them, but there are different reasons why they should try Google Docs. For those who do not have yet those three programs may want to try Google Docs instead. With Google Docs, creating documents like those with Word Documents is possible, not to mention the fact that you will get help of a spell-checker, a word count, and the rest of the tools that will help you format your text, line spacing and many others. Images, comments, footnotes, headers, table links and table of contents can easily be inserted using Google Docs. Spreadsheets can also be created with Google Docs and this is a must if you are an internet marketer or business owner so you can trace your business data. One thing nice about Google spreadsheets is that you can create several sheets within one main sheet. Through this method, your information will be neatly stored in one file, plus it would be very easy to keep all of this information.
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Presentations that you can create with PowerPoint is possible through Google Docs too. Google Docs will provide easy access to different kinds of forms and templates that will create resumes, schedules, invoices, and calendars for keeping track of your activities.
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Collaboration of work with your employees or co-workers is allowed efficiently through Google. You have the decision who will have access to the files and who can edit these files through Google. Through Google, you would know who made a change, when the change was made, and decide if you go with the change or not. Storing of files in your Google account is easy when you are done, and you can download it as regular file, text, Word, Excel, HTML, CSS, Open Office or as PDF file. Note that your files are stored in your Google account, not in your computer, thus access to your files wherever you are where there is internet connection is possible and completely secure. As many establishments are moving their file storage and editing to the cloud, decision has to be made on which cloud-based business application will be applicable for their needs, whether Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365. Where there is an internet connection, both of these cloud-based business applications will be able to provide off-premise files storage in cloud, thus giving you access to your files any time.

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Use of Software in Compensation Management Management of a business entity or any organization can be a complicated and daunting task to many managers. This is because structures of companies are equally complex in nature. For instance, companies usually manage many staff members and other employees on a day to day basis, causing a huge strain on human resource managers. The end effect is that departments must run smoothly or risk the collapse of the entire company. The twentieth and twenty first centuries saw the inception of technology in different fields of an organization. Technology was discovered in order to aid in simplifying the running of departments of such companies. One such department that nowadays requires efficiency provided by technology platforms is the finance department. Payrolls and remuneration systems of many organizations are huge due to the large number of employees in many companies hence payment systems must be automated for smooth operation. Computer scientist developed compensation management software in a bid to make the task of finance departments in handling compensation issues easy and efficient. The main task of the software is in the automation of payment services including any forms of compensation granted to an employee of the company. Such software aids in not only management of the compensation process but also the planning of the same. It is this function that makes such software to be referred to as compensation planning software.
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The compensation software must be designed to manage different financial functions for it to effectively handle the complex compensation system. First of all, there are companies that offer employees rewards for achieving set goals especially in marketing. The software should therefore be designed to capture even this form of compensation. Other companies do also have side benefits to employees including traveling allowances to those who have been sent out of their designated working stations. The software must also capture this situation.
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To provide compensation management solution effectively, most companies use online portals developed from total rewards software. It is easy to use online portals since they can be accessed from different places due to the universal presence of the internet. The portals have removed reliance on physical financial statements during compensation. Most software used for compensation purposes are complex and contain big details. This means that the people tasked with operating them must be conversant with their entire navigation. In most cases, developers of such software must train the staff to use the software before a purchase of the same is undertaken. The reason for this is the fact that not all users of software are trained computer experts.

If You Think You Get Entertainment, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Steps Taken in Mobile Game Development Most people usually used mobile phones in the early days for communication purposes only. There have been significant changes that are made to mobile phones nowadays owing to mobile revolution and technological advancements making these devices very fun to use. With the help of smartphones, one can easily organize their calendars, set their reminders, make calls, text their friends, play games among other activities. Mobile phones avail a variety of games for gamers to have fun and enjoy during their free time. These devices are becoming more and more popular especially with the increased interest in playing mobile phone games among individuals. Games are developed to be used for a wide variety of mobile phones not only hand-held devices. Technology has greatly been impacted on by the gaming industry due to tremendous growth that has occurred in this industry. Most people especially the youth are gaining interest in mobile phone games making the demand for these games to be high. In order for one to create a fun and enjoyable game, there are several steps thy need to take during game development. Coming up with a gaming idea which is innovative and creative is the first step that one takes. The idea should include details of players, the experience one wants the players to get and the type of problem solving the game offers. Once one drafts the game idea, the next step is to develop the concept. This is usually in form of a brief document that contains a quick overview of the game and a represents the four building blocks each game has to have. Game mechanics is one of the building blocks of a game. The mechanics contain a description of how a player is supposed to achieve the goal of the game. The mechanics describe the steps a player is supposed to take in order to win the game, the starting position as well as the board.
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Another building block of a game is the setting whereby there’s a summary of the story as well as aesthetics of the game. The story contains a description of the game world as well as events that take place before and during the game. Aesthetics describe how the game appears and sounds. The technology used as well as interaction provided between the design and users are the remaining building blocks of a game.
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The last step one takes is to create a prototype of their game. The prototype includes the most important mechanics of your game and should resemble parts of the game. Once the prototype is created, one designs the game’s architecture, develops it and test it finally to make sure it performs the task it is required to.