T-Appz Launches Campaign to Make Mobile App Creation Much Easier


(Palo Alto, CA)–If businesses aren’t optimized for mobile data, recently released data shows they’re ultimately losing sales. According to research, 57% of mobile users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and 30% will abandon a purchase transaction if the shopping cart isn’t optimized for mobile devices. With this in mind, t-appz ( a mobile technology firm that develops mobile commerce solutions, has launched a new and improved App Wizard in a straight forward and user friendly dashboard. With the fully guided screens business owners can create their brand profile, select or customize colors and choose from home page and product listing options.

Says Rudy Dokmecioglu, “Designing a mobile application has never been this easy for e-commerce sites! When you think about how important a website can be for any business, large or small, it just makes sense to take the extra care to make a native mobile application. We’ve made it so our clients can offer their customers a variety of payment methods including money transfer, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and cash on delivery, and that’s just the beginning.”

Dokmecioglu goes on to say the app creation tools test all apps on 100+ iOS/Android devices running on almost all operating system versions. This premium service is no extra cost, and saves clients from any problem that might arise from dysfunctional scenarios. The test monitoring system detects and solves any bugs the application may have within a large chain of devices and operating systems.

“At t-appz.com, we’ve tried to think of everything. For example, the t-appz basket is synchronized with the online store basket, therefore preventing loss of unpurchased items placed by the users through other channels. The customers can continue the same shopping experience in different channels. Users can choose from four home page options, highlight only promotions, only products, or both at the same time. We also offer access to campaigns directly from the home screen of the app, directing to products.”

About t-appz:

t-mob is a mobile-focused technology company designing and developing intelligent mobile commerce solutions and services for IT-driven companies since 2009. A Native M-commerce Platform, t-appz, a SaaS product of t-mob, is an easy to use application designed to transform a business into an m-commerce application. They have brought together their experience in mobile technologies and a passion for innovation to create a product adds value to their customers’ businesses.

The Best Advice About Camping I’ve Ever Written

Why GPS Devices Have Increased in Popularity Global Positioning System (GPS) technology was designed for use by the US army. This technology works by receiving information from a system of satellite, which then transmit back coordinates of its exact position. The GPS will then display the information that has been sent back on the gadget allowing a user to know the distance and direction to other places. The modern day has come with a huge interest in GPS technology. The inclusion of the GPS technology on things such as the smartphone has further driven up the number of people using these devices. The technology has found use in tracking goods and vehicles both personal and for transportation companies. These are not the only uses of GPS, it can also be used to track items that have been lost or monitor people who are under house arrest. GPS devices are widely used in river navigation nowadays. Whether you are going for a race or you want to have fun paddling, GPS is essential for proper navigation in the river. You will also be able to know nearby land when you are boating in large water bodies. GPS devices are not just used in activities that involve fun only. A fisherman can use the GPS devices to find places to fish.
The Beginners Guide To Camping (Finding The Starting Point)
GPS devices have become more useful in the transportation companies. They provide real-time information showing whether a vehicle is moving or stationary. You can also tell the location of the luggage as well as the remaining distance to the destination. These systems play a major role in enhancing the efficiency of transportation.
Questions About Tips You Must Know the Answers To
GPS is now included in computers and mobile devices which in turn have interactive apps to complement this feature. This makes GPS essential in things such as fish finding and other adventures. GPS does provide a lot of information that you can easily make use of to navigate tough situations. Always consider the problem you are facing first before heading out to shop for a GPS device. Starting with the problem at hand always gives you a good idea of the kind of device you need. While at it, remember that the functionality of the GPS device or app should always be put ahead for you to get something that actually works the way you want it to. Some brands work well while others are known for their bad reputation -make sure to check reviews over the internet so that you can only end up with a good brand. If you don’t have prior information about GPS devices, it is better to check how it can be used.

Figuring Out Paddling

What the Advantages of Using a Navigation Application During Kayaking? Do you like to kayak or is this an experience that you’re trying out for the first time? Your best paddle trail notwithstanding, deploying navigational software can help enhance the sense of safety while increasing performance as wells your overall enjoyment. This app is worth the price for both new and experienced kayakers, and it’s supplied alongside demonstrations and user manuals. Feel free to utilize the appropriate river map over the course of your Big Bend saltwater paddle trail. Read on for reasons why kayaking requires use of navigational software: This app requires no cell phone reception to help. That’s a very vital feature as it is expected that some parts of the river may not have good cell phone reception, and counting on it for navigational help can lead to trouble.
Getting To The Point – Tips
If you make use of the app, several issues do not arise over the course of your voyage. For example, using a river map app eradicates the need to carry with you paper maps that are torn easily when wet. Provided that your voyage app is working, it’s easy to keep sailing without the likelihood of losing the trail. Similarly, a map provides the poise to focus on the optimal enjoyment of your favorite voyage, and nothing rushes you into setting up your campsite.
Why People Think Apps Are A Good Idea
With a river map application, you can easily locate the right camping resources and supplies that your entire paddle trail will require. Use the app to locate your access points, camping location, and other areas of interest along your trail. With the offline navigation system that boasts extreme accuracy, your voyage is guaranteed to succeed. It’s very important to be able to know your specific location at any given time during the trail, and that’s possible with the river, map app. This software also calculates in real time the distance from your present location to the campsite or destination. You will always be able, in real time, to work out the time of arrival to any spot of interest along your paddle trail. Other computations the app can process include your paddling speed at any given time. If you want to work out the average paddling speed for the while journey, this software comes in handy. The river map app can also help with the automatic calculation of your highest paddling speed and the longest paddling run. This software will offer a lot of statistical reports for use in scheduling and analyzing. A river map app does a great job when you want to set off on a trip along a nice paddle trail free of difficulties. It’s difficult to get lost when you’re kayaking with the help of the navigation system.

The Essential Laws of Options Explained

A Guide to Direct Sales Software There are a couple of ways in making software sales, one is by direct sales which compose of 3 different ways. First consist of direct selling to customers wherein they’re found via marketing that is generated by leads and is followed up by the sales team. The software sales may be done through resellers too. In regards for the resellers, they can be of any kind of shop that’s selling the product to consumers and can include software specialty stores, office supply stores and superstores. When making use of this method, it’s used to be able to sell directly to the sales force and even to incoming calls without undercutting the price of reseller. The third method involves directly selling to national chains. When using this approach, the sales force work as reseller sales managers. All of the said methods are just few examples of what can be done. Another basic method that you can do to make software sales is through channel sales. Normally, this involves the use of wholesale distributor. The distributors are so helpful in balancing inventory between resellers and also, vendors do not need to extend credit to as many resellers if they are using distribution. Rather, they’re extending credit to only a few distributors. However, the drawback with distributors is that, there’s increase cost to 3 to 10 points and the vendors do not always know which resellers buy their products if it is regional or independent. Well, whichever method you pick for software sales, industry experts have agreed that it requires proper training to see considerable difference. The initial and the ongoing training as well would make your sales venture be profitable and successful. According to experts, no salesman was born because they are made and for that reason, it is possible for anyone to learn necessary skills needed to succeed. A good salesman is someone who has learned the steps of sales thoroughly including approach, prospecting, overcoming objections, presentation, closing and visualization.
What You Should Know About Solutions This Year
Two of the very important components to make effective sales are hard skills and soft skills. In the latter, it includes personality, understanding people, motivation and developing relationships while the hard skills are close and overcoming objections as well as approach. The software sales can become more successful provided that there’s proper training in these areas.
The Best Advice on Software I’ve found
It is confusing to make a decision on which direct sales software to pick these days but fortunately, there are many websites, books and software programs too that can help a lot in finding the one that’s best to use and help your business to succeed.

Solutions: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

The Advantages That Accrue to Businesses that Have Embraced Cloud Storage

The era of cloud computing is here, and businesses worldwide are taking advantage of what it has in store. Some few years ago, many IT managers had reservations about this technique, but are now terming it as the best thing ever on the data storage front. Let’s explore the undeniable benefits of cloud storage.

Today, you will only incur storage costs based on your level of use of the cloud platform. With such a setup, it is easy to control data storage costs in your organization. Since the size and operations of your business are prone to change from time to time; cloud packages are now designed in a way that allows for such adjustments. Additionally, you will not need to invest in equipment like servers and air conditioning systems that are needed to provide the required environmental conditions, or maintain a large team of IT experts. As a result, your business can use cloud storage regardless of its size.

The cloud platform is compatible with the operating system you have in your organization. That allows you to write apps in a similar programming language as that of the operating system. So, finding qualified app developers for your organization’s cloud platform will now become a hassle free process.

The possibility of storing any form of business data is one advantage that has led to the popularity of the cloud. Additionally, data sharing, retrieval, and transfer are fast, and these are essential because you get to manage them efficiently. Among the reasons for the high uptake of cloud storage by companies is that users can access data from virtually any location that has an internet connection. These capabilities will allow you to place minimal focus on IT processes and, instead, focus on activities that form the core of your business operations.

With unending improvements, you can now depend on cloud storage fully when it comes to data security. Due to threats like ransomware that could easily paint an organization in bad light or cause considerable losses, cloud storage providers have instituted some of the most effective foolproof mechanisms. It is now possible to store company secrets that include trademarks and formulae confidently.

Most cloud services providers use multiple locations to store backup copies of your files. Even if a calamity takes place at your premises or that of the cloud services provider, you will still be in a position to access your data.

Cloud storage reliability has always been a concern for most businesspersons. However, there have been in innumerable improvements that have made cloud platforms more dependable and consistent than the present IT infrastructures in place at your company. Make the switch to cloud storage today and benefit from a 99.99 percent guarantee and a zero downtime assurance whenever you are using the service.

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